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GEO Bubble Solar cover

In the South African climate, swimming pool owners are only able to make use of their swimming pools 4 months of the year on average. With the water restrictions we are facing, water loss is also a big concern for pool owners. The Solar blanket also known as Thermal cover or Bubble blanket, is an excellent product introduced to extend the swimming season and to reduce evaporation by as much as 98%. We supply the most popular clear blue solar blanket, known as the GEO Bubble Solar cover. Materials and specifications are manufactured from the durable 400-micron Geo Bubble material, formulated for local climate conditions. The cover float on the surface of the water with the bubbles side acting as suction cups. The solar blanket has two primary functions, firstly UV light passing through the material warms the pool water directly below the cover. Through circulation of the water by means of the pool filter system the warm water is circulated throughout the pool, raising the overall temperature of the pool water with up to 8°C. This extends the swimming season by up to 8 weeks of the season. The second function eliminates water evaporation by over 98%, as well as conserving a vital natural resource. Research proves that the evaporation loss for an average sized pool, 4m x 8m, is approximately 38 4000 litres per annum. Please note Bubble Solar covers are NOT SAFETY COVERS. When placed upon the water the cover gives the appearance that it can be walked on, especially to the eyes of a small child or pet but will collapse under the weight and possibly result in suffocation or drowning.



Superior Quality

This high performance Geo Bubble cover is expected to last 4-5 years and carries a 1-year guarantee. Shortcomings with regards to expected lifespan are generally attributable to usage and care factors. Excessive exposure to unbalanced water or concentrated chlorine levels or exposure to the sun when off the pool, are the main contributing factors to pool cover failure. The inside measurements (longest point in length & width) of the swimming pool is used to order a rectangular solar cover, the actual pool shape is then cut & trimmed from this on site. While a solar cover is relatively light and easy to use on smaller pools, it is recommended that a roll up station be used in pools exceeding 8m in length or 4m in width. The roll up station will assist in the removal of the cover from the water as well as the neat and safe storage of the material once removed from the pool. The roll up station shaft is made from aluminium, and the components are powder coated. The roll up stations is secured to the paving by a stainless-steel anchor bolts but can be unscrewed so that the roll up station can be removed or stored if needed.

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