Reduce Evaporation

Save on Maintenance

Hooks and Eyelets cover

The traditional Hooks & Eyelets Cover is different from our Solid Safety Cover in looks and design as well as its safety features. Although it’s made for the same PVC as our Solid Safety Cover and offers similar benefits the main difference is the Hooks & Eyelets Cover is NOT a safety cover!

The Hooks & Eyelets Cover has a very good weight tolerance of 150kg but only offers a degree of safety because rain water can accumulate on top of the cover and this poses a threat to curious toddlers. The cover doesn’t have lock in anchors like the Solid Safety Cover, so a child could squeeze underneath the cover. This cover does however provide safety for dogs & cats because they can get on and off the cover with no difficulty.

Many pool owners don’t realize that a pool secured with a Hooks & Eyelets Cover allows for significant household savings. The benefits from using the cover in summer will be the reducing of evaporation with up to 98% and the increase in water temperature, extending your swimming season. In winter this cover prevents dirt and leaves from entering the pool water therefor the water aesthetics and hygiene are greatly improved, reducing the amount of filtration required. With your pool pump using 12% of your household electricity it will result in a huge saving in electricity but most importantly all that time saved on maintenance!

Why spend money maintaining your pool when it is not in use? When opening the pool for summer, the pool is clean, clear and swim-ready with little effort. This custom fitted cover is available in Dark Blue and Grey, we use the 600gsm PVC specifically for the use of swimming pool covers because its U.V. treated & chemical resistant and come with a 1 Year Warranty.

The PVC is joined with high frequency heating, no glue is used because it will come undone within a year and no stitching is used because it will perforate your cover. The PVC material is durable and not prone to scuffing, sunlight cannot enter the pool due to the Black Anti-algae Guard underneath the cover. This prevents algae growth, reducing chlorination and filtration considerably.



Reducing Filtration

The weight of the cover will increase according to the pool size. While there are different methods to cover and uncover one’s pool which do not involve picking the entire cover up. Two people are recommended to open and close the cover. The cover is fitted resting on the water and then secured to the paving surround with a hooks and eyelets system.

Most of the material is lower than the surrounding paving. Our self-locking anchoring plates are made from stainless steel, we do not use plastic or synthetic fittings because it goes brittle in the sun and will break under tension.

The screws we use to anchor the plates to the surrounded paving are also stainless steel. The plates are almost flush and has no sharp points protruding so you will never stump your toes on it and it won’t clog up with dirt either. To take the hassle out when fitting the cover, we use bungee cord tied through the Eyelet and attached to the durable non-corrosive hooks, this allows the pool user to slot them into the keyholes of the anchor plates with no difficulty.

It’s very important that the cover is always fitted touching the water, failing to do so will result in the eyelets/bungee cords tearing or pulling up the paving in the event of rain water collecting on top of the cover. Once there are excessive rain water accumulating on top of this cover, you can then vacuum the water from the pool cover like you would vacuum the pool floor.

For more convenience you can purchase yourself a small submergible water feature pump from your local hardware (retails from R250) and drain the clean water from the cover into a storage tank or onto the grass.

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