Rigorously Tested

Custom Fitted

Safety Net

The safety net has been around for decades and has prevented thousands of children from drowning! The concept has stayed the same over the years but the fixtures & fittings have improved so it can be easily be fitted and removed by an adult. Unlike most companies, our nets are custom fitted on site to fit any shape or size pool and acts like a horizontal fence over your pool.

The open mesh squares of 10cm x 10cm are used worldwide for swimming pools. The openings are too small for a baby’s head to fit through but big enough to prevent a baby from crawling or playing on it. In the event of a baby crawling towards the pool, the arm or leg will fall through the openings of the net and the child will be supported at the edge of the pool. This could be an unpleasant experience, resulting in the child crying and alerting parents or a carer to the situation.

Our nets have been rigorously tested to meet the highest quality and safety standards. The nets are made from a from super strong high-density polyethylene braid and has a breaking strain of approxiately 150kg. Unlike your local net our imported nets are U.V. treated & chemical resistant and come with a 1 Year Warranty. Each net is pre-shrunk, so it will not stretch or shrink + the knots are heat-sealed to prevent them from slipping. A child cannot lift or crawl under the safety net, it’s also aesthetically pleasing because it does not cover or distract the beauty of a sparkling clean pool.



More User Friendly

Our self-locking anchoring plates are made from stainless steel, we do not use plastic or synthetic fittings because it goes brittle in the sun and will break under tension. The screws we use to anchor the plates to the surrounded paving are also stainless steel. The plates are almost flush and has no sharp points protruding so you will never stump your toes on it and it won’t clog up with dirt either.

Durable non-corrosive hooks are attached to the net which allows the pool user to slot them into the keyholes of the plates before tightening the tension cord. Our plates have a double key hole to adjust accordingly, taking out the hassle of fitting the safety net.

Our nets have a built-in pulley system acting as the shoe lases of the safety net. This central system ensures even tension all around the perimeter and can also be adjusted. Once the tension system is released the safety net is more user friendly.

A watertight central float is included as a safety precaution, it acts as a buoy and supports the center of the net. This keeps the net well above the water surface and is especially important for when the pool is filling up with rain water.

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